WP-Visualize Shortcodes are small pieces of code that you paste on any page or post in your website. Each shortcode adds a WP-Visualize button to your web page along with all of the WP-Visualize functionality.

Time Required to create a AP-Visualize shortcode: Under 3 minutes. Difficulty: Easy!

  1. Log into your WordPress website and in the left column click WP-Visualize
  2. Scroll down to 'Add a Shortcode" and click into the box to give your shortcode a title.
  3. Click the button to select images. These images will be the ones that your website visitors can add to their visualization. You can either upload images or select previously uploaded images from this page. To add unlimited, simply upgrade your account.  FREE USERS CAN ADD UP TO 3 IMAGES. Click the upgrade links on any of the WP-Visualize admin pages in order to add unlimited images.
  4. Once you have selected the images, click the button, bottom right 'Choose Images'.
  5.  Now click the Create Shortcode button. Your new shortcode appears in the shortcodes list on this page.

You can now copy and paste this shortcode anywhere in your website.

Remove the backgrounds from your images and then upload to your WordPress site as described above.

CLICK HERE to instantly remove backgrounds for perfect results. Time to remove a background from an image? 1-2 seconds!!